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Dream House _ Phil Hall Author
Dream House

The perfect dream becomes the worst nightmare.

Doug Robinson is trying to make amends after an affair. He brings his wife, Cathy and young family to their dream house and thinks he’s turned a corner. The imposing Wild Rose Cottage stands at the end of Lincoln Close holding sway over the rural cul-de-sac.
It looks like the perfect new start – but did anyone check the neighbours?

The Robinson’s prospects plunge when the previous owners return demanding that they sell the house back to them just days after they move in. Doug refuses, but then a series of sinister incidents beset their new home, leaving Doug and Cathy wondering if the neighbours are as friendly as they first appeared.
When trust is in short supply, can you trust the people next to you?

Meet the neighbours from hell in the gripping thriller that reviewers and readers describe as fast-paced, chilling and impossible to put down.



A real page turner - you never know who to trust

frank beck

An absorbing drama with an original plot and characters that you feel a real connection with as their good fortune turns sour. 

mo loughman

Dream House is a hugely enjoyable, well-paced and engaging piece of fiction.

Game, Set and Death (Inspector Bee Thrillers)

Love, angst and heartbreak in an original love triangle and that's before the police tackle the crime.

Set against the backdrop of summer 2021 with Euro 20 and covid rampant across the country the nasty murder of a popular tennis coach pushes the police to the limit.

Inspector Scott Bee assembles a makeshift team who struggle to find a single clue until the discovery of drugs hidden in the victim's car turn the case on its head and the investigation lurches into the murky word of drug abuse.

With covid restraints, a station romance, a corrupt ticket agent and tennis club rivalries will Bee ever have the time to solve the murder?

Game Set and Match_ Phil Hall Author


anna heaslip

Great characters and a fantastic storyline that you'll be unable to put down

gary sears

Great characters and a fantastic storyline that you'll be unable to put down

andy gardener

Authentic, pacey, intriguing story

Murder Oclock _ Phil Hall Author
Murder O'clock (Inspector Bee Thrillers Book 2)

It's the autumn of 2021 and the protests of the Insulate Britain environmental group are starting to disrupt public life. When the protestors switch their focus from the motorways of southern England to the tranquil town centre of Reigate the stakes are raised. After the first protest is cleared a dead body is discovered on the pavement but none of the demonstrators recognise the victim.

But the clandestine killer has just begun and is fixated with the clock.

With Inspector Bee away on leave, DS McTierney picks up the case, but before he's had time to finish his pint a second body is discovered.

As the bodies pile up and pressure mounts on the police, Inspector Bee returns to the station to pick up the pieces. But can our erudite detective stop the blood lust and is there a copycat killer in Italy?


andy lipson

Hall cleverly weaves his murderous tale around real-life events. A delight

suzi jones

Clever, masterful and hugely entertaining

murder o'clock

Absorbing drama + original plot = top notch entertainment

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