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Meet the author, buy me a drink!

Updated: Jan 8

Hot on the heels of my first book signing day, here comes another. I know, just like the proverbial London bus. This one takes place in my local pub; The Station in South Nutfield.

This hostelry is often a scene for crazied runners dashing around the village, quizzes, community support take-away meals and music in the garden on a Sunday afternoon – but today it’s a literary focus. I will be in and around the pub from 12 noon, signing books and answering any question you may have about the writing process or the inspiration for it. Plus as an added bonus I will buy a drink for the first ten people to turn up and buy my book.

For those of you making your first visit to the Station, the address for your sat nav is South Station Approach, South Nutfield, Surrey, RH1 5RU. The place delivers a friendly relaxed atmosphere with a great selection of drinks; offered by Jeanette and her team. It’s the kind of place my sister would pick – and she knows a pub or two!

Today’s musical accompaniment is John Lennon’s sixth solo studio album Rock ‘N’ Roll from 1975 and in particular the track Stand by me. Recorded in the US, this was Lennon’s tribute to the rock and roll classics of an earlier age. It was customary for The Beatles to round off their albums with a standard rock and roll track, here Lennon goes a stage further and devotes a whole album to his old rock favourites. But rather than stand, come and sit by me in The Station.

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